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Cycling Lands End to John O'Groats April 22nd 2011; 1000 miles, 10 days…will we make it?


LEJOG'er Jordan Lambert

Jordan. The pint doesn't seem right in this photo, with that pose I think a Cosmopolitan (with umbrella) would be more appropriate!

Jordan probably has the toughest job out of the lot of us preparing for the ride. For a start, he doesn’t live where the rest of the team do any more, so his training has been largely solitary. Secondly, the place he lives happens to be London, so not too much scenic riding on his doorstep. But he’s a trooper, getting in regular rides and, if I know Jordan, plenty of gym sessions too. Another team member that is relatively new to cycling, Jordan has jumped in at the deep end with one of the toughest road cycling challenges in the UK. Good work!

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