LEJOG Journal

Cycling Lands End to John O'Groats April 22nd 2011; 1000 miles, 10 days…will we make it?


Picture of team member Gaz on a mountain biking trip in Wales.

Gaz in more familiar territory, mountain biking in Wales.

This is me, I was going to write about myself in the third person but soon after starting I realised that it was absolutely absurd.

I’m 28, previously a sworn mountain biker but thought I’d give road cycling a go as I wanted to get involved in a challenge…and there are a lot more options when you can cover the miles at a decent pace. Still love mountain biking but have definitely developed an equally soft spot for road cycling since getting my Trek 2.3 in Summer 2010.

The biggest challenge for me in doing this ride is the fact that I work away during the week, so my training has been very much focussed around spin classes and gym sessions mon-fri, then covering as much mileage as possible at the weekends.

Outside of cycling, I really enjoy web design and have probably spent as much time messing about with this blog as I have training for the ride. Oh, I’m also rubbish on the guitar. Ask my Mum or my missus – they’ll tell you.


2 Responses to Gareth

  1. Gary Bunting says:

    Keep it going big man. You are all stars for doing this one. Love to be there with you. Enjoy it and get them legs peddling!

  2. Alan & Cheryl says:

    Good luck with LEJOG. Hope you don’t get too many saddle sores xx

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