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Cycling Lands End to John O'Groats April 22nd 2011; 1000 miles, 10 days…will we make it?

Danny talks about training for LEJOG

Gaz: Here’s an update from Danny on how he’s finding preparations for the trip so far…

Danny: It’s costing a fortune.

Aside from the initial expense of the bike and associated kit – lights, clothing etc. my food bill is also adding up, I’m as hungry as a horse most of the time! Theory suggests it would be cheaper reverting to a ‘bad’ diet, i.e. chocolate, burgers, chips – less food, more calories = money saved! I may be onto something there…the road to early-adulthood obesity if nothing else.

Anyway, we all got together Sunday for the first time, although it was nearly aborted, not because of Johns drinking habits (this time), but for the wind. We were all there apart from Jordan, even John made an appearance; shorts on and legs out! Sacrilegious stuff.

Duncan, the most experienced cyclist amongst us (despite being 8 years younger!) set the pace on a 36 mile ride – Cromford, Via Gelia, Ashbourne and Belper…………and back to Mickleover for Gaz! (Gaz: Yes people, that’s right – pretty heroic). The Peak District is known for its hills, and there were several big ones that’s for sure, but luckily for us at the top of some of the bigger climbs, gravity was on our side; what goes up must come down!

Hopefully, if we can keep incorporating some of the climbs into our training, then Cornwall should be a little easier. All the best to Jordan, who lives in London, pretty much the topographical equivalent of Holland!

Apparently, the prevailing winds will be blowing from South to North (i.e. it will be behind us on our LEJOG). Sunday’s experience suggests this is going to be a huge bonus, as at one point going down hill somehow required more effort than going up, all due to the wind! Therefore, I hope the rumours about the prevailing Northerlies are true. More group rides are scheduled for the coming weeks as April is quickly approaching.

At least we have youth on our side, though that said, John is 30 this year (had to get that in!). (Gaz: Just a shame it doesn’t seem to be slowing him down any.)

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Pedal on!!!


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